Healthier Eating – a Fun Approach

I have been enthusing recently about a new service I’ve discovered from  For £3.49 a pop, they will post you a box of tasty, healthy snacks.  I have set myself up for twice-weekly deliveries and am impressed with the service and the back-up.  Each delivery contains nutritional information and is followed up with an email inviting me to rate the contents.  There are four different packs per delivery and the rating I give to each one (Love it – like it – try it – bin it) influences how often, how soon or if ever I will get it again.  My wife thinks I’m nuts (quite literally) because I could go to the supermarket and get the same for less but I just love the whole concept and think it’s a lot of service for the money.  There’s one down side: these are not easy to eat neatly so the floor around my office desk often looks like the area under our garden bird table by the end of the day (there have been dark mutterings from our cleaners!).

Graze are keen to grow the business so they’ll send you a free sample box and donate £1 to charity if you click here to use my recommendation code: 1WK9HN1.

Finally, thanks to Joolz Lewis, the Corporate Hippy, who recommended Graze in a recent presentation I attended.

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