The web site describes it as a “toy” but I think that Wordle is actually a useful (and free) business tool. It provides a quick and easy way of creating focus or finding the core message from a single document or from several concatenated together. Simply go to the Wordle web site and paste in your text from one or several documents.

Moments later, Wordle shows the word cloud it has created. Sometimes, the results are a real surprise, even for the author of the text!

One Response to Wordle

  1. Guy,

    Another big thumbs up for Wordle. At Shirlaws, we often start a client engagement with a “Fact Find” exercise to get a snapshot of what is going on with the business, done through a series of interviews undertaken on both a contextual and content level.

    Wordle is a simple yet powerful tool for us in expressing to the client team, through their own words (captured in the interviews) what is happening in their business.

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