Tablet Ergonomics

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 09/07/2014. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


Brilliant as they may be for many reasons, tablets are generally appalling from an ergonomics viewpoint. Since the appearance of the first iPad, we have been searching constantly for good products that improve the posture of tablet users. We have tried many samples and have been disappointed most of the time. However, we shall soon be bringing true tablet ergonomics to the UK! TabletRiser is the latest product from Bakker Elkhuizen. Development is in the final stages and production will commence in the final quarter of 2014. See the video here or email us today to arrange an early viewing of the product.


Following last month’s eBulletin, we have had lots of interest in our webinars and we have therefore added further dates to the diary. I have also written a two-part blog which explores the history and research that has led to the current heightened interest, as well as outlining some of the options available and additional factors to consider. You can read the blogs here or check available webinar dates here.


The ageing workforce is another “hot topic” and numbers are growing for our forthcoming free seminars in London and Bristol. Attend for a whole day or just a morning or afternoon – but make sure you join us for a free lunch whichever you choose! Download the brochure here or check dates and register here.


In close collaboration with Cardinus Risk Management, we have created a very special offer for July only. At the risk of sounding like a double glazing salesman, it really is too good an offer to show all the details here!  However, we can tell you that it applies if you are looking to replace a paper-based assessment process or in-house system or if you already have a competitor’s software product that is not providing you with the functionality you need. For more details, please contact us.


As bandwidth increases and film production becomes cheaper, the value of video and animation on product websites becomes manifest. We are providing videos for as many of our products as possible. A moving picture paints very much more than a thousand words! See a few examples here: UltraStand | ClearSpan Desks | Varidesk | T-Blocks | DXT2 | Flo | Compact Keyboards.


EWhilst we see many business users on LinkedIn and a steadily growing number of Twitter followers, we appreciate that many people simply “can’t see the point” of Social Media! My counter to this view is that, in business, it can be an excellent source of research information. Like us, many organisations and individuals post announcements about interesting articles and publications. To see what I mean, take a quick look at our Twitter feed (it’s free and you don’t need an account).


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