Free Half-Day Seminars

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 08/10/2014. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


free-half-day-seminarsFollowing the success of our Scotland series, we are returning to the other end of the (still!) United Kingdom for our last free half-day workshops this year. They are in Southampton and Bristol. Once again Hugo Bos, from Bakker Elkhuizen, will be flying in from the Netherlands. We shall be providing lots of hands-on product time and networking, plus free lunch! View the full programme with booking links here.


sit-stand-adaptorIncreasingly, organisations are looking at implementing 10-20% of their workstations as sit-stand models. To suit all budgets, we have a selection of adaptor units as well as complete desks. Whilst our preferred conversion option, where possible, is to put a sit-stand frame under an existing worktop, we have a choice of adaptors offering very different approaches. Details here. (If you are already using sit-stand, don’t forget about our new Quick Tips sheet).


axia2.5Simon Garcia and Gary Comolly recently visited BMA Ergonomics in the Netherlands and came home very excited about the new Axia 2.5 mesh back chair. This new model will not be available in the UK until early 2015 but it offers outstanding comfort and support with the elegance and air flow of a mesh back. We are confident this will be another BMA winner.


tablet-accessoriesOften, Health & Safety Managers and Occupational Health professionals only find out that their employer is issuing tablets when the back and neck pain complaints start to roll in. The biggest problem is that users find more and more ways to spend more and more time using them. The situation is very similar to the early growth of laptop use. TabletRiser is coming soon but we have also added a number of simple accessories to our range.


new-brochuresAs well as our new Training Services brochure announced last month, we have now added a single sheet Products brochure listing all our key brands. To provide the logos of our most significant supply and product partners in a single quick-reference guide is a new departure for us so, as always, we welcome any comments or observations!

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