Sit Less – Move More

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At the end of the recent Health & Wellbeing at Work conference in Birmingham, there was an animated debate about whether or not standing improves the wellbeing and productivity of workers. Votes were taken at the start and finish of the discussion. Interestingly, by the end of the debate, those who believed this to be the case decreased and the abstentions more than doubled! In view of all the recent publicity about the perils of prolonged sitting, this outcome might seem anomalous. [more]


workfit-tThe Health & Wellbeing Exhibition was a great success for us with lots of enquiries and many interesting conversations. Inevitably, there were many discussions about sit-stand working. The Ergotron Workfit-T addresses the design shortcomings of some existing products and provides a quick and elegant way to adapt an existing desk to offer sit-stand capability. We expect to have a UK price and stock availability during April.


tabletriserBy the time you read this, we may finally have this product in stock! There have been various production delays but I am confident it is now absolutely right. Those who saw the pre-production model at Health & Wellbeing were very impressed. We are holding the introductory 25% discount offer until the end of March so there is still time to order at this preferential rate. See the latest video, further details and the special offer price here.


sit-stand_webinarIt is clear that many organisations are still getting to grips with how to encourage employees to sit less and some are responding to staff pressure rather than formulating a strategic approach. With so much interest (and quite a lot of uncertainty), it occurred to me that I should run some more Sit-Stand webinars, especially since several new ideas have been circulating since I last presented on the subject. Check our events page for details.


online_pokerI have just completed a 2000 word article for an online poker company. The nature of online gaming has some similarities to the pressures of work computing but there are also some significant differences. In particular, the intensity, concentration and need for rapid responses create different pressures. After more than 20 years talking mostly about office computer users, it was invigorating to explore a different dynamic! I plan to provide a link to the article in next month’s eBulletin.

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