What do home workers and online poker players have in common?

online_poker_keyboard_blogAre there any similarities between how an online poker player operates and the way many computer users work at home? As it turns out, the answer is ‘Yes, quite a lot’.

I was asked recently to write a ‘Top Ten Ergonomics Tips’ for online poker players. Initially, I saw this as a stand-alone project but, as I researched the process of online poker, it became clear that there are many similarities. Here are a few:

  1. Online poker players (OPPs) operate unsupervised for long periods, often without interruption.
  2. Workstation layout, posture and comfort are critical.
  3. OPPs often use two or more monitors.
  4. OPPs need to maintain concentration to optimise their performance.
  5. Exercise and hydration are very important.

To see the full list of tips and draw your own conclusions about the similarities, view the whole Online Poker Ergonomics article here.

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