Stop And Think Before You Sit And Stand

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This may seem an unusual entreaty from someone who has been selling sit-stand furniture for nearly 20 years but I am becoming more and more exasperated by the half-baked, ill-informed, incomplete and often misleading stories appearing in the press and online about sitting and standing. If you or your organisation are contemplating buying sit-stand furniture, I want to stop you in your tracks and make you think carefully about how you approach the ‘less sitting’ issue. Otherwise you will waste money, no matter what products you buy.

This statement probably needs some explanation…


motus_controllerOnce you have given proper thought to the Less Sitting issue, we can help you with the right training and products! The latest addition to our furniture portfolio is the Motus desk. Offering full two-stage height adjustment and a choice of top sizes, this range is ideal for individual or corporate use. It also comes with a 4-memory controller as standard. We believe this surprisingly useful feature is unique at this price point.



Amidst all the fuss about more standing and movement options at work, it’s easy to forget that people are still using – and therefore buying – chairs. Two of my recent blogs look at different aspects of the seating specification and purchase process. If you are currently reviewing or looking to validate your existing procedures, please take a look at Choosing Office Chairs (for the Majority) and Choosing Specialist Chairs for Individuals in the Workplace.


webinar250pxAs well as our regular ‘live’ programme, we have recently started to update the video recordings of these events. This means you can now register for upcoming sessions here or view our on-demand library here.


PostureGuidanceSitStandAlthough it has been available since 1997, we regularly update our free online Posture Guidance at This requires registration but is completely free to use. Don’t forget to try it on your smartphone! It’s a remarkably useful tool to use when you are on the move.

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