Workplace Design & Management January / February 2016

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Wherever you look, people will tell you that the workplace is changing and doing so faster than ever before. Employers face a ‘triple whammy’ of omnipresent internet access, rapidly developing mobile technology and employee demands for better work-life integration. The best talent will always migrate to organisations offering the most dynamic work environment and that environment must now be both real and virtual. For many of us, the work ‘place’ is no longer a physical location: it is simply defined by an IP address. As Smart Working becomes more established, employers can meet the expectations of their personnel whilst reducing costs and improving sustainability – another ‘triple whammy’! In this monthly eBulletin, we shall explore ideas, resources and products to address this evolving scenario.


PAS3000In November 2015, the British Standards Institute published this comprehensive ‘Publicly Available Specification’ document which addresses the creation and management of Smart Working environments. Whether you are just starting to implement Smart Working or your programme is well established, this PAS provides guidance and recommendations on topics as diverse as culture change, wellbeing, technology and the pros and cons of desk-sharing solutions. You can find more information here.



Many chair manufacturers claim to offer models for intensive use but few examples stand the test of time. In 24 hour environments, the demands on workplace seating are much more than three times those of a normal ‘8 hour’ office chair. The RH Logic Elite is the latest incarnation of the highly successful, easily adjustable, outstandingly comfortable and extremely robust 24 hour chair from Scandinavian Business Seating. With a choice of back heights and seat pans, this is the ultimate chair for intensive use. Other options include neck supports and upholstered armrests with extra padding. The function and quality are so good that the manufacturers include a five year warranty for 24 hour use. Further information here.


tsunami250pxMany of the demands and expectations of the millennial generation are quite different from any before them. The way they expect to work and the way they need to be managed add further layers of complexity to the changing workplace. We refer to this new generation as a tsunami because it’s coming, it’s enormous, it’s unstoppable and it’s potentially overwhelming if not recognised and addressed. Our free webinar on Friday February 19, 2016 provides further insight into what to expect and how to manage it. Find out more and book here.

DOING GREAT WORK WELL – FLEXIBILITY.CO.UK has been a pioneer of smart and flexible working since before these terms became widely used. For over 20 years, it has been run by Andy Lake who is currently advisor to the UK Cabinet Office on Smart Working. Andy is also the author of PAS 3000 (see above). His approach is captured in his management book Smart Flexibility (Gower Publishing, 2013) and the Smart Working Handbook (available as a free download from He regularly shares his extensive knowledge and experience in articles and as an entertaining speaker on the future of work and workplaces.

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