Workplace Design & Management February / March 2016

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Our colleagues at Bakker Elkhuizen are carrying out pan-European research into regional labour markets. They have asked us to identify a small number of senior UK managers for a confidential interview. Their researcher is exploring current and future organisational challenges in relation to staff working environments, smart and flexible working and work-life balance. If you would be interested in participating (or in receiving a copy of the research in due course), please email me.


Workfit-TIf you are still thinking about how (or if) you are going to implement sit-stand working in the office, Workfit-T is one of the best alternatives to a free-standing workstation. Whether you want to run a flexible pilot or offer a sit-stand alternative for a bench desking system, its ease of installation and use make this the ideal candidate in most cases. It is available in two sizes and in black or white. More information here.



Our Dutch friends at Efficiency Software have just updated CtrlWORK to offer even more benefits to computer users. At a glance this looks like a simple programme to encourage breaks but it is much more sophisticated than that. Especially popular in the public sector and financial institutions, it encourages wellbeing and improves productivity. For those working away from the office, it is a valuable tool to help individuals manage their own health, safety and wellbeing. CtrlWORK is just one part of the Efficiency Software suite, which also includes Sit-Stand Coach and Alt-Mouse. If you would like to talk in more detail, please contact us.


questions250pxIn the last week, we have been asked about on-site massage, diversity training, lighting design and space planning consultancy – an eclectic  mix! Our policy has always been to be really good at what we specialise in and, for everything else, find partners who are really good at what they specialise in. We are always happy to field any question and, where we do not already have an established partner, we may simply provide you with the phone number and email address of a specialist. Do you have a thorny issue to resolve? Why not ask me? You have nothing to lose but a couple of minutes of your time!


TheColourWorksWe have been working with The Colour Works for over ten years, both within the business and with clients. They understand that all great organisations have, at their core, great people who truly understand themselves and adopt a genuine desire to collaborate. We have teamed up with The Colour Works to change the way people work together by embedding a solid understanding of self through an accessible and memorable colourful model of behaviour. You can find out more about your style (and that of your difficult colleague) here.

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