WDM Newsletter June/July 2016

This article was originally emailed as our monthly Workplace Design & Management newsletter at 11:00 on 16/06/2016. You can view older newsletters here and register to receive them monthly.



Acoustics was a ‘hot topic’ at Clerkenwell Design Week and I have been thinking about why it has taken so long to become a key part of the workplace agenda. More than 20 years of research points to lost productivity and health issues as a result of noise distraction so it seems the current level of awareness has been a long time coming. Have we finally come to appreciate how important it is? Certainly, all these factors apply:
1.    We understand the concept of (mental and physical) wellbeing
2.    We are more open to discussions about stress and mental health
3.    Modern workplace design and agile working patterns give greater flexibility to adapt the workplace
4.    We have the tools, products and technology to identify the issues and find a solution
To discuss your own acoustics issues, please contact us.


podsAs organisations look to break up their open plan offices for agile working programmes and activity based working, pods are often an effective way to create cellular offices and meeting rooms, as well as concentration, contemplation and privacy zones. The variety of styles and options is extensive and their modular design and accessory options ensure maximum flexibility, We will be pleased to discuss possible applications



I also had several conversations about BIM during Clerkenwell Design Week. The need for BIM in government projects is driving rapid deployment in the furniture industry and many of our seating and furniture suppliers now offer BIM files. Please contact us for further information.



baker_stuartBaker Stuart is a professional consultancy focused on supporting change and transforming the way we work. They work with and support public and private sector organisations throughout the UK to use the working environment as a catalyst to drive positive change and improve service delivery. www.bakerstuart.com

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