WDM Newsletter – September/October 2016

This article was originally emailed as our monthly Workplace Design & Management newsletter at 11:00 on 15/09/2016. You can view older newsletters here and register to receive them monthly.

A more focussed message and clearer thinking?

wdmheader2016-09It is nearly twenty years since we sold our first sit-stand desk but the real growth in interest amongst UK employers has arisen since early in 2014. Initially driven by publicity about the potential health impacts of sedentary behaviour, employers were bombarded with news, statistics, research and plenty of online ‘noise’ predicting dire consequences if there was not a rapid and immediate transition from traditional office environments to workplaces populated with ‘standing desks’. [more]

Stylish and practical wireless phone charging

airchargeI have been using an aircharge sleeve on my iPhone 6s for several months and, as well as protecting the phone, it is much more desirable than fiddling around with a Lightning connector cable when I need to recharge the battery. We offer aircharge facilities for staff in the office and I find it in a growing number of hotels, coffee shops and hospitality environments. Of course, in Clerkenwell, you can find aircharge in almost every showroom! For organisations wanting to offer this facility to their own personnel and visitors, there is a choice of options. The most common version – the surface charger – fits an 80mm diameter hole so it can be retrofitted to a standard desk grommet. Others can be incorporated into monitor arms and task lamps. See some of the variants here or contact us for further information. (If you are curious about the technology, you can find out more here).

New product sections and pop-out design

seatingexpertsWe originally set up the seatingexperts.uk web site alongside sitstandexperts.uk to reflect our knowledge beyond the specialist ‘ergo environment’. Working with a variety of manufacturing partners we now offer a broad portfolio of products to address every need in the workplace. The web site is still a work-in-progress but the sections for Reception & Breakout, Office Project, Modular, Meeting & Training Room and Boardroom have been completely redesigned. As mentioned last month, we are also working on a Comfort Score system to help buyers make a decision based on suitability as well as on aesthetics. More information about this coming soon!

People we like whose work we respect

energiseyouEnergiseYou helps innovative organisations to thrive by:

  • Coaching your people to improve their energy and be the best they can be.
  • Coaching your leaders and managers to create energised, engaged, and high performing teams.

They do this using a unique approach in their workshops, webinars, podcasts, energy events, 1-2-1 coaching and motivational talks. Creating a positive, energised workforce leads to greater engagement, performance and retention whilst reducing absence. Find out more at EnergiseYou

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