Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin December 2016

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 14/12/2016. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


headerimage12-2016As the end of the year approaches, we welcome the festive season and celebrate 7 years of uninterrupted monthly eBulletins. If you are a customer, it is the time for us to thank you once again for your continued support. In a highly competitive market, we thank you for valuing our commitment to customer service and quality products. We really appreciate your business. We also know that many of our regular readers are not customers but do specify and recommend us to clients and others. This is another valued source of business and, if you are not doing so already, we invite you to explore other ways to keep in touch such as social media or our many webinars and training events. Whether this time of year is important to you for religious or family reasons – or just the chance to eat and drink too much and fall asleep in front of the TV! – we wish you a very happy time and look forward to speaking to you in 2017.


axia_smart_activeIs this the future of seated wellbeing? BMA have addressed the ‘sit less, move more’ conundrum with the latest version of their Smart Chair technology. We believe the Axia Smart Active chair is unique worldwide in delivering Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone app, creating a personal, multi-functional posture coach. Sensors in the chair seatpan enable the app to track movement, sitting time and posture changes (or lack of them) and it prompts to encourage dynamic chair use. It also gives personalised tips and practical advice according to the individual’s behaviour. For further information, view the video or contact us.


dorsetairambulanceIt is many years since we last sent Christmas cards but we still associate this seasonal donation loosely with giving up the practice and spending the money more effectively. Our personnel are invited to nominate their chosen charity and then we all vote to decide on the recipient. For 2016, our Christmas donation goes to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. With an average cost of £2,500 per mission and no funding except charitable donations, we all believe this is a very worthy cause.


appsThis is a little off-piste compared to my usual items but I use a wide variety of tablet/smartphone apps (more than 150 at the last count) and I thought it might be of interest to share those I use most often or find most useful. This is not intended to be one of those ‘ten things that changed my life’ lists. If that is what you are looking for, try GQ’s 100 Best Things in the World Right Now. By contrast, I hope my short list contains at least one or two that you do not already know about that might potentially save you time or money or make your life a little easier.  [more]


price_risesIt is common for manufacturers to propose price rises at this time of year. You will be aware (and I have mentioned before) that Sterling/Dollar and Sterling/Euro fluctuations have impacted everyone and we expect price rises from all our suppliers. Some increases are significant (although all look trivial compared to Microsoft and Apple!). To minimise increases, most manufacturers are looking at product-by-product reviews rather than a systemic increase. Price updates will be published once we have consolidated the information we have, but I would strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you are planning or budgeting for significant purchases in 2017. The sooner we know, the more we can do to help.

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