Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin August 2017

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 09/08/2017. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


HeaderImage08-2017It is ironical that perching, the ‘third way’ in the sit-stand conversation, first became topical a few decades ago during discussions about standing too much! Historically, there have been many logical applications for perching in manufacturing environments as a way to reduce the standing time for machine operators and process personnel without the productivity loss which can arise from frequent changes between sitting and standing. You will also see perching stools in galleries and museums so that attendants do not have to stand for their entire shift. [read more]


RollerMouseOfferIn conjunction with Contour Design, we are currently promoting our 30 day free trial offer. With no upfront payment, you can now try any of the Contour RollerMouse products and/or the Balance keyboard for up to thirty days before making your buying decision. The RollerMouse portfolio has been revised and extended again recently and the proven technology just keeps getting better! Simply complete the request form here and we will contact you to discuss the trial programme.


web_designI mentioned in April that we are working on a major redesign of ergonomics.co.uk. This project has grown significantly since we first started our internal discussions and it will now draw together all our existing websites and social media as well as integrating our full portfolio of products and services. Quite an achievement! Although the strategic plan is well advanced, we are still open to design ideas. Please email us any suggestions or hyperlinks to web sites you really like. All responders will receive a PopSocket and one of you will win a Red Letter Day voucher.


ergoexpoAs I write this, it is a short while until I fly to Las Vegas for the annual National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo. For more than ten years, I have come to recognise the quizzical look that greets the statement ‘I have to go to Las Vegas for a conference’, but I really do not like the city much. Despite the excellent restaurants and proximity to the Grand Canyon, the ‘delights’ of 24 hour gambling and drinking hold little appeal. However, I look forward to interesting presentations and meeting old and new friends. The views and approaches will certainly be different from Paris! Expect a blog in September.

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