WDM Newsletter – September/October 2017

This article was originally emailed as our monthly Workplace Design & Management newsletter at 11:00 on 21/09/2017. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.

Style, Elegance & Comfort

WDMheader2017-09HÅG Tribute is the ideal chair to make a serious statement in your boardroom and formal meeting spaces. Norwegian Svein Asbjørnsen of sapDesign® worked with HÅG once again to develop the Tribute with the declared intention to create ‘the world’s most uncompromisingly comfortable executive chair’. Incorporating the signature HÅG in Balance® technology, integral lumbar support, optional headrest and TiltDownTM  armrests, it is visually sleek yet offers outstanding comfort and support. As with all HÅG products, it is also highly sustainable and precision made. Please contact us for a brochure and further information.

New data protection rules make this essential

resubscribeTo ensure we comply with the imminent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, we are asking ALL subscribers to reregister to ensure you continue to receive this monthly newsletter. Since its introduction, we have accumulated a substantial database. To meet the more stringent 2018 requirements, we need to be certain we have proof of opting in from all our readers so we shall be closing down this database before the year end. To ensure uninterrupted delivery, please take a couple of minutes to register for the new database hereThe reregistration submission will send you a confirmation email to complete the process. Please check your spam/junk directories if you do not receive it. Many thanks for your continued interest and support.

Training & events to reflect our broader portfolio

biggreeneventAs our key clients sharpen their focus on employee wellbeing, our furniture offering is now complemented by a broader range of activities. These include training, events and services to address health, wellbeing and engagement issues. Our involvement in two upcoming events reflects this trend. The Big Green Event in Southampton and Citywork in London will enable us to meet organisations who share our values and appreciate our products. At The Big Green Event, I shall also be presenting a LearnZone workshop about sit-stand furniture as part of an agile working programme.

Paris, but not as we know it!

ergoexpo2017I have been attending the ErgoExpo in Las Vegas since 2005 but, in exhibition terms, this was the Year of the Sit-Stand Desk!  There were two other significant changes: the venue has moved from Caesar’s Palace to the Paris Hotel and the date changed from the autumn to August. As far as hotel concepts are concerned, I prefer the Paris to Caesar’s (which, in my view, was a contrived brand 50 years ago and has not redeemed itself in the intervening years). However, as with ‘all things Vegas’, the Paris hotel concept is, to European sensibilities, very much a caricature of the French capital rather than a realistic representation of any part of it. If you could translate English into French simply by preceding every English or American noun with ‘le’ or ‘la’, my conversational French would be much better than it is! [more]

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