Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin October 2017

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 11/10/2017. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


PrintWe are very pleased to announce our IIRSM Approved Organisation Status, together with approval of the first five of our training sessions. These are available to employers for in-house delivery but we are also planning to start scheduling regional workshops around the country over the next few months. Our most popular one hour course is Workstation Postural Awareness whilst our newest half day course, Do you want to be an Assessor?, is aimed at medical professionals and others who are thinking about a full- or part-time career as a DSE assessor. It provides trainees with an overview of the legislative background, assessment process and equipment available, as well as pointing to suitable further training and qualifications. For our full training overview, click here.


office_athletesLast month, I attended the International Partner Event at Office Athletes’ head office in the Netherlands. Office Athletes is the new name for Bakker’s parent company and this now embraces software and research as well as the many ergonomics accessories we know and love. In addition to some exciting new product announcements (more information soon!), we also heard news of their current and future research plans. Introducing the neuropsychology lessons learned from elite sports and applying machine learning, would it be possible to develop software that responds to our mood, activity and performance to help us increase productivity? The current answer is ‘not yet’ – but watch this space!


workshopIf you are interested in the IIRSM Approved Training referred to above, you may be even more interested to know that we are planning to deliver these sessions at key venues around the country. In order to help us identify needs and locations, we welcome your assistance in identifying where the interest lies. Please take a couple of minutes to declare your interest by completing this form. This will not constitute an order or, indeed, any commitment on your part but will help us with our planning. As soon as we have some areas with critical mass, we shall start scheduling events.


resubscribe_2We talked about the new GDPR requirements last month so, if you have already re-registered, I apologise for banging on about it again! To ensure we comply with the imminent General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, we are asking ALL subscribers to reregister to ensure you continue to receive this monthly newsletter. To ensure uninterrupted delivery, please take a couple of minutes to register for the new database hereThe reregistration submission will send you a confirmation email to complete the process. Please check your spam/junk directories if you do not receive it. Many thanks for your continued interest and support.


demo_stockThe decorations are in the stores and the staff party brochures are arriving in the post so it must be nearly Christmas! If you are thinking about buying a comfortable work chair as a present for a loved one, now is the time to consider one of our ex-demonstration models at significant discounts. We have updated our list and there is a wide variety of models available, some at less than our original buying price. When you find what you are looking for, we can even hold it for you for delivery in December. However, this is very much a ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ list so don’t delay! You can find the latest list here.

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