Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin December 2017

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 13/12/2017. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


HeaderImage12-2017This edition commences our 9th year of monthly newsletters so it is time to send seasonal best wishes to all our readers and express our thanks for your continued support. It is a delight to have so many readers who have been with us for a long time and many more who are more recent subscribers. We know that hardly anybody reads every item of every issue and it is our intention that you should just pick out the items that interest you. We are extraordinarily grateful for the interaction and feedback we receive as well as any suggestions for topics or improvements in the future. If you have not yet resubscribed to join the new database, you can do so here.


g-hold_gripAs you probably know, we have been concerned for some time about  pain and discomfort issues arising from smartphone and tablet use. I found G-Hold at ErgoExpo in Las Vegas in August but it is actually a British product! It provides a simple, highly effective way to hold any tablet comfortably with minimum effort. There is even a version for the Microsoft Surface Pro. You can find more information here. (Watch out for our great promotion in January!).


prices_risingSince the Brexit referendum, the pound has crumbled against both the Euro and the Dollar. This and raw material price rises have impacted the manufacturing industry and we are seeing significant increases planned for 2018. After several years of 0 – 3% increases, a 5% rise appears to be about average for next year, with some products rising as much as 8%! If you have any projects or purchases planned in the next few months, please contact us before the year end so that we can log your interest and ring-fence your costs.


iirsmOur first IIRSM Approved Training Course in 2018 will be Do you want to be an assessor? at our own offices in Ferndown on Friday January 12th. This half day course addresses all the key questions for someone who is considering involvement in the DSE assessment field – or who has already done a couple of assessments and wants to learn more. The good news is that the course is completely free! The bad news is we only have a couple of places left so place allocation will be strictly first come, first served. To find out more, contact our Training Manager.


hopeforfoodlogoLike many companies, we make a donation each year instead of sending Christmas cards. We always focus on local charities to ensure that any contribution benefits our own Dorset community. This year, our mobile phone contract is being renewed in December so we are also contributing additional funds from the sale of mobiles that are being replaced. Our charity choice this year is Hope for Food, a Bournemouth charity run entirely by volunteers, who provide hot meals for the homeless and disadvantaged.

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