WDM Newsletter January/February 2018

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Should we be scared?

WDMheader2018-01Without even mentioning Brexit, these are uncertain times. Commentators and futurologists opine about the accelerating impact of technology on our daily lives. Depending on your disposition, this is either exciting or terrifying! Pessimists threaten job losses and changes on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Yet, simultaneously, governments and regions are creating Smart Cities, architects and designers are launching Smart Buildings and public and private travel planners promote driverless cars and automated mass transit systems. Surely, these developments will make our lives easier – and better? Whatever your view, these are all extra factors to consider in a workplace context which is already seeing a quickening pace of change as a result of agile working, technology and changing attitudes. My plan for 2018 is to explore some of these concepts, their interaction and impact. Happy New Year!

Think (beyond) FM – adapt or disappear

think_beyond_fmIn the context outlined above, this year’s BIFM conference explores the dramatic changes in the workplace and how Facilities Managers can shape and respond to those changes. As FMs and HR managers discuss what experience and qualifications a Chief Workplace Officer might need, there are exciting opportunities for those with the drive and vision to absorb the latest thinking, harness the technology and help invent the future.

Single & double units with multiple options

retreat_boothOpen plan offices need space away from the desk for individual concentration or for collaboration without distracting others. There are many approaches to these requirements and enclosed booths are a popular solution.

For an effective individual breakout booth or a more complex room-within-a-room, the Retreat range offers modules accommodating one to four people with everything they need close at hand. To complement the stylish and relaxed design, buyers can specify LED lighting, power sockets, USB charging, smart TVs and a central table to create well-equipped individual or collaboration spaces. Everything necessary to encourage productivity is immediately accessible and ready for use. Please call us for further information.

You could win an iPad!

resubscribe_4Despite my previous entreaties, many recipients have still not reregistered to continue receiving this newsletter. We have to ask this to comply with the imminent new data protection regulations. I know we shall lose many subscribers but I am hoping to retain a few more! I really do appreciate your continued interest. It will only take a couple of minutes and, as an extra inducement, we shall be holding a prize draw for all registrants on April 30th with a 128Gb iPad 9.7 as the prize. There will also be a monthly prize of a Contour Unimouse between January and March. Don’t worry if you have already resubscribed: you will still be in the draws!

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