Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin September 2018

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 12/09/2018. You can register here to receive them monthly.



Last year, ErgoExpo moved from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to the Paris Hotel across the street. It also moved from November to August. This year, the August scheduling meant outside temperatures reaching 43°C and nowhere to escape from the perpetual ‘daylight’ and air-conditioned cocoon of the Paris Hotel and its conference facilities! Of course, the hotels in Las Vegas never want us to see the light of day but, for me, there is always a constant, overwhelming desire to get outside at any opportunity. [more]



On October 2nd, we are participating in the Big Green Expo, an event that brings together exhibitors and visitors with a shared interest in sustainability. We shall be showcasing some of our best cradle-to-cradle products on our principal stand as well as participating in the ‘Office of Tomorrow Today’ feature in the centre of the hall. This regional event provides a wide cross-section of products and services for organisations looking to improve their environmental impact. It is an ideal opportunity for us to showcase some of our most innovative merchandise. Admission is free.


showcaseOur national ‘mobile showroom’ tour has just two more dates on this year’s calendar. Come and see the latest and best products from our portfolio alongside our long standing best-sellers. Get ‘hands on’ with all types of accessories and input devices and get ‘bottoms on’ with chairs from more than 8 manufacturers. Try free-standing sit-stand desks alongside desktop adaptors. Do this in Bristol at the end of this month or in Glasgow in October. Both events are completely free but registration will help us anticipate numbers.


agile_working_guideWe have revised our old ‘Handheld Devices’ guidance and recreated it as an Agile Working guide. This covers the wide variety of posture issues commonly encountered by users of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) wherever they are. In our experience, even the most dynamic organisations are not very good at advising users about posture issues ‘out and about’. Even when there are comprehensive training programmes to support individuals beyond the office and communications amongst dispersed teams, it seems that posture is often completely overlooked.


hands_on_trainingAs part of our national training tour, we shall also be in Bristol and Glasgow with our half-day training workshops designed to enhance the skills of established DSE assessors, accelerate the knowledge of those who are recently appointed and provide context for those involved in specifying products. The morning course (Workplace Postures and Seating) at each location looks at seating posture and products and the afternoon session (Options for Reasonable Adjustments) considers other options such as sit-stand furniture and accessories. The two courses are available independently but lunch is included if you book both!


amble_lampThe desk lamp that ‘balances on tip-toe’! For those needing a task lamp that is both elegant and functional, Amble fits the bill. Offering a 3500K light temperature (not too yellow, not too blue), this is the ideal white light for those who are not close to a natural light source. Its three balancing positions provide options from focussed reading lamp to ambient light source and its one moving part provides a functional simplicity to match its clean lines.


fohn_logoRecently, we have been providing some back-office training and technical support for the newly-formed Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing. The FOHN launches officially on October 1st, 2018 with the vision of promoting excellence in the education, research and evidence based practice of all occupational health nurses for the benefit of the working population. The Executive Committee is a highly qualified and experienced group of Occupational Health professionals and I am confident this will be a very influential organisation in the future..

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