Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin February 2019

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What if you could find a product that is beautiful, improves acoustics, ‘ticks the biophilia box’ and is utterly maintenance-free? In a workplace where wellbeing is taken seriously, this may sound too good to be true. But that is exactly what we have found! Our moss and plant pictures use real plants that have been mummified so that they retain all the natural beauty they had in life but no longer require any maintenance. This is all so new to us that it is not yet on our web site but you can see samples on our stand at Health & Wellbeing (see below) or contact us and we will bring the product to you.


FREE entryIf you are attending this event, remember to come and visit us on Stand 67 in Hall 7 at the NEC. In addition to the moss and plant pictures mentioned above, we shall, as always, have a selection of our new and recent products. If you have not yet booked your conference ticket, we have a very limited number of FREE places. These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and only until 10am on Monday February 18th. Just email us (soon!) to make your request.


Apply now jobs, job working recruitment employees business deskWe are currently bidding on more DSE assessment contracts and, assuming one or more is successful, we shall need to add to our existing roster of quality workplace assessors. If you are not already on our list, please provide some initial information here to start the registration process. If you are not yet experienced but thinking of becoming a DSE assessor (or need further background information), please contact our Training Manager to find out more about the knowledge required.


roadshow2019aIf you are not attending Health & Wellbeing, or want to see a much wider portfolio of products, our Product Showcase (or mobile showroom) is about to hit the road. This series of FREE events around the country provides a great opportunity to see new and established products side-by-side for hands-on (or bottoms-on) comparison. We showcase chairs from at least eight manufacturers, a plethora of input devices and desktop accessories with a handful of sit-stand options. We also offer access to three short educational sessions at each event. See the calendar and/or register to attend here.


RHnewLogicI have decided not to write a full blog about the 2019 event because, frankly, there is not much to say! As always, there was a lot of beautiful scandi-style household furniture and lighting for domestic buyers and interior designers but, for me, there was little of note for the workplace. In a country where sit-stand working is  a twenty year old norm, there were only cosmetic changes in desk design and in a region where a robust sustainability story is business-as-usual, there was a lot more ‘we’ve been doing this for ages’ than environmental innovation. As at any furniture event today, there were a hundred and one soft seating, booth and pod alternatives but they all seemed to be variants of existing products. The one significant event for me was the launch of the new RH Logic chair. There is nothing truly revolutionary in its design or appearance but what is significant is the fact that this is the third iteration of an iconic design concept that is more than 20 years old. More details about it will follow soon. I did take a few pictures in Stockholm: see the image gallery here.

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