Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin April 2019

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Alongside workplace demand, the interest in sit-stand desks for home use continues to grow and a surprising number of purchases begin as an unsolicited web order. Following Scandinavian thinking, we have created the SPS Productivity Pack comprising a Motus 3000 Desk, Capisco chair and Viewlite monitor arm. This combination provides the optimum, adjustable environment for comfort and productivity. Combining these three items also enables us to offer a substantial bundled discount. Multiple desktop sizes are available and we have a choice of desk frame colours and chair fabrics. We can also have options to accommodate further variants such as dual monitor setups. Find out more here.


showcase1As mentioned last month, all the arrangements are in place for our next two events. Bristol, at Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, is on May 21st. London, at Goodenough College, on June 18th is less than 15 minutes’ walk from Kings Cross St Pancras and Chancery Lane tube stations and only 5 minutes from Russell Square. Whether you are interested in seating projects for multiple staff or specific needs for individuals, this mobile showroom is the ideal opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with the latest and the best-selling products from more than 25 manufacturers. The showcase also includes short seminars about key topics – and it is all free! Follow the city name hyperlinks above for full details.


training4Linking some of our one-day DSE Training events to the Product Showcase has proven very popular with delegates. They really appreciate the availability of so many products during the training. This ensures a much more hands-on experience with plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice. The Bristol course is at the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel on May 22nd and the London session is on June 19th in the historic Churchill Room at Goodenough College.


guest_blogWherever and however you interact with us, you have probably noticed how much our product and service portfolio is evolving. This is because almost all our conversations with clients now start with wellbeing as the headline topic in one form or another. Whether we are talking about improving the posture and comfort of an individual or addressing the workplace needs of an organisation, mental and physical health and wellbeing underpin the discussion. It is therefore important to us that we share with you the latest thinking, keeping you abreast of the conversations that are taking place globally about workplace design and staff wellbeing. To help me with this, we shall be introducing a number of guest bloggers to provide their own expert view on a variety of topical issues. The first of these blogs comes from Coll Smith and provides a good foundation for understanding biophilia and why it has become such a hot topic.


sleeping250pxWe did not create anything this year. We only do so when we have a suitably fun idea. Our favourite industry story for 2019 (and a particularly good one) came from Mark Eltringham at Workplace Insight: ‘British workers now entirely unproductive, claims report’. If you missed (or have forgotten) some of our previous stories, we have had ‘Get Britain Sleeping’, ‘Time to Hang Out at the Office’ and, of course, last year’s ‘Sit-Stand-Boogie’ video. Please note that some hyperlinks in these articles will no longer work.

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