Product Radar – Secretair



Secretair Rebecca 7Welcome to our newest addition to our Homeworker desk range, The Secretair! This desk will work both at home and in the office due to its versatile and mobile aspects. Its unique design adapts and re-arranges to help concentration and any requirements you need. The Secretair offers customisation to fit your working space and environment. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Two smooth-running castors for easy mobility
  • Contains a shelf and draw for easy storage and minimise clutter
  • Modern design for a feel at home environment
  • Design ensures privacy
  • Extras include a luminaire to help with concentration and attachable multiple socket strip for other accessories or equipment
  • The shelf can also serve as a magnetic board
  • Sustainable aspects: solvent-free powder coating and easily recycled materials are used to make the Secretair

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