Product Radar – The HomeFit



HomeFit10Introducing a product that is like no other and is essential to any homeworker who has limited space and can not fit an extra desk. The HomeFit transforms from a small cabinet to a seated or standing workstation quickly and with ease. This product will help promote movement and good posture throughout the day leading to the prevention of muscle aches and pains.

Features & Benefits 

• Height adjustable sit-stand desk to suit your posture needs
• 3 colours available to blend seamlessly into your home
• Handy storage tray to help with organisation and storage
• The frame and height adjustment are made of black metal
• Aluminium handle for durability
• Doors fitted with castors for easy opening and stability when opened

You could win a HomeFit! Just make sure you register (or re-register) for our monthly eBulletin here.

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