Product Radar – Viasit Scope

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Viasit scope


Viasit-Scope-Netz-3005000-AL-VAWelcoming our new product, the Viasit Scope chair. This unique mesh back chair is rated for 24-hour use and is suitable for a Control room environment. It offers more than just ventilation but its integrated functions bring a new dimension of movement, support and comfort to the user. The backrest dynamically tilts to the left and the right from its vertical axis in harmony with the user’s movements. This innovative task chair promotes good posture and ergonomics throughout the working day.

Features & Benefits 

  • Up to 10 different integrated functions and adjustments to provide support and comfort to the user
  • Single piece frame with no bolts to give an elegant effect
  • Mesh back increases ventilation and comfort
  • Well-arranged user controls to make adjustment easy
  • Additions such as a headrest and armrests can be included for extra comfort and support to promote good posture
  • Rated for 24/7 Control Room use

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