Product Radar – Motus Monorise

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Motus monorise


P1010356Introducing the new Motus Monorise Sit-Stand desk. This product allows almost anyone to experience all the benefits of a sit-stand desk, including promoting movement and improving wellbeing. The single leg frame helps optimise small space utilisation, while the worktop provides the best compromise between good ergonomics and limited space. 

We also recommend a monitor arm and/or laptop stand to maximise the usable space and enhance your posture.

Features & Benefits 

  • Height adjustable to promote movement throughout the day, activating the muscles and stimulating blood-flow.
  • Compact and stable design to fit into constrained spaces.
  • Electronic height adjustment for smooth and easy transitions between sitting and standing.
  • Regular changing between postures reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders and other complaints.
  • Stability Test Certificate available here.

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