Product Radar – Contour RollerMouse Mobile

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RollerMouse Mobile


Contour12109Introducing the Contour RollerMouse Mobile, a compact version of an ergonomic mouse that combines portability with all the ergonomic benefits that are a part of every RollerMouse device. It relieves strain on the arm that reaches for the mouse by providing everything you need in front of you, leaving you to work comfortably. This RollerMouse promotes a comfortable working posture throughout the working day to reduce the development of muscosketal problems.

Features & Benefits 

  • Small and compact, making it easily portable and storable.
  • Five programmable buttons and shortcut keys that improve efficiency during work.
  • Cursor speed can be changed to adapt to the user.
  • Encourages the user to work in a neutral posture, improving physical wellbeing.
  • Aluminium chassis for increased durability.
  • Supplied with a choice of rubber feet to ensure your keyboard height matches the roller mouse.
  • Can be connected to your computer via cable or USB dongle (plug-and-play) or Bluetooth 4.0 to provide ultimate connectivity.

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