Product Radar – FlexDesk 630

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FlexDesk 630




FlexDesk 630-1The FlexDesk 630 is ideal for individuals who use paperwork during the day. Positioning documents to the side of you can cause musculoskeletal problems. Although it may not be noticeable straight away, tension and pain can build up in your neck, shoulders, and back as you turn your head to view the documents. The FlexDesk 630 features two lockable positions; push it away from you to use as a document holder or, pull it towards you to use as a writing slope. What’s more, by having the documents in front of you, you’re maximising your workspace which can boost productivity.

Features & Benefits 

  • Increases central desk space creating a more organised work area.
  • Multifunctional – Can be used as a document holder or as a writing slope.
  • Reduces the risk of eye, neck and back strain to improve your physical wellbeing.
  • Lockable in two positions to provide stability.
  • Includes pen tray to create a tidy workspace.

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