Product Radar – ErgoDriver Bespoke Back Support for Drivers

This update was originally emailed as a Product Radar posting on 15/03/2022. You can register here to receive them directly by email.

Product Radar Header - ErgoDriver


ErgoDriver-1ErgoDriver is the first fully adjustable and adaptable backrest for car and commercial vehicle drivers. One universal size fits most vehicle/user combinations and its integral harness attaches securely to most drivers’ seats. In standard specification, it has an inflatable lumbar support that can be repositioned to suit the driver. Four further inflatable cells are available. These can also be positioned exactly to the driver’s needs to offer an even more tailored fit.


Features & Benefits 

  • The adjustable lumbar support can be inflated and deflated and repositioned anywhere inside the backrest so it fits most spine shapes and curvature.
  • The 3-way harness attached securely to the driver’s seat to ensure it stays in position in use and when the driver gets in and out of the vehicle.
  • Four different optional cells can be added and positioned inside the ErgoDriver to optimise comfort for all users.
  • The optional cells enhance comfort for users with non-standard lumbar lordosis (curvature), such as those with kyphosis or scoliosis.

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