Product Radar – Kinesis Advantage360 Keyboard

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Product Radar Header - Kinesis Advantage360


KB360-PRO_1832x1366The Advantage360 keyboard is the latest model in the Kinesis Advantage range.  The fully split, contoured design maximises comfort and boosts productivity.  Separate concave keywells position the arms at shoulder width to keep wrists straight and perpendicular. Fingers are placed in a neutral, relaxed position to reduce over-extension and thumb clusters are used to access frequently used keys. Available in US Layout only. Fully programmable using the SmartSetTM app (Advantage360) or open-source ZMK Firmware (Advantage360 Professional).


Features & Benefits 

  • Adjustable Split to keep wrists straight and reduce ulnar deviation.
  • 3 way adjustable tenting, 5 10 and 15 degrees.
  • Integrated palm support
  • Optional premium palm pads, magnetic (not included).
  • Compact layout.
  • Proven contoured shape.
  • Vertical key configuration mirrors the natural movement of your fingers.
  • Advantage360 Professional connects wirelessly with up to 5 devices.
  • Fully programmable.

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