Product Radar – DXTMouse 3

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Product Radar Header - DXTMouse 3


_MG_0007Available either wired or wireless, this compact, ergonomic mouse is ideal for all user applications and is well suited to detailed work. A truly ambidextrous mouse with instant adjustment, offering 6 programmable buttons, low click force, easy cursor speed adjustment (4 settings) and integral USB dongle storage (wireless version). Particularly suited to users with larger hands.


Features & Benefits 

  • Unique pen grip action to ensure relaxed hand and neutral wrist positioning
  • Ambidextrous. Can be used right- or left-handed (instantly switchable) to adapt to user preference and/or spread the load
  • 6 Programmable buttons to enable user customisation (App required)
  • Zinc base plate for increased accuracy and stability
  • Instant cursor speed change to meet user preference
  • Integral dongle storage (wireless option) 
  • Compact design, ideal for transportation

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