Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin March 2023

This article was originally emailed as issue 160 of our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 08/03/2023. You can register here to receive them monthly.



We have now started to roll out our 2023 plans for further webinar and training topics. These cover a broader spectrum of subjects. They go beyond our traditional DSE base but they still fall under the heading of Wellbeing & Productivity. General webinar sessions are available free and cover the fundamentals of each topic. They can also be branded or tailored for use on your intranet, in Lunch & Learns, on Wellbeing Days or as part of a more comprehensive Learning and Development programme. For a full consultancy service, we are teaming up with industry experts to offer a holistic approach to your L&D needs. See our free webinar programme here or view the new ones individually: Email Management – Sleep – Biophilia.


dse_bristolWe have been agreeably surprised by the number of registrations for our Bristol training day. We thought the venue would be big enough but we are getting close to capacity. Whilst the content is obviously attracting delegates, several have also mentioned the vineyard venue. Is there a better way to end a great day of learning and networking than a bottle of wine to take home afterwards? To be sure of a place, check out the agenda and register now.


workplaceTrendsresearchsummit2023The 2023 event is on April 19th. This year looks very promising once again with a broad range of UK and overseas presenters from both commerce and academia. Employers everywhere are asking for data on which to base their decisions about hybrid working, corporate real estate and employee wellbeing. This is the place to find it! This year’s topics include Indoor Positioning Systems, Organisational Network Analysis, Acoustic Perception, Human-Centric Transformation and Self Determination Theory. It may sound like Buzzword Bingo in a single sentence but it’s actually lots of really valuable information! Find out more and register here.


top_tips_videosWhen we declared 2022 our ‘Year of Knowledge Sharing’, one of our new initiatives was the introduction of our Top Tips video library. We continue to add to this and now have over 20 clips covering topics as diverse as ‘Acoustics’ and ‘Why use a compact keyboard?’. Almost all of them last less than a minute so they are a great way to share wellbeing and ergonomics ideas with your colleagues or clients. Check the latest additions at bit.ly/oe-top-tips  or here if you prefer YouTube. And feel free to share them!


3d_printHistorically, the process of equipping and re-equipping the workplace has been very wasteful and sustainability was not given much consideration. In recent years, and especially since the post-Covid focus on Net Zero, designers, manufacturers and office dealers like ourselves have been reviewing every element of the industry to see where improvements can be made. Perhaps 3D printing will also become a key part of that process. I explored this idea in my recent blog about the Stockholm Furniture Fair.




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