Product Radar – ErgoSlider Plus

This update was originally emailed as a Product Radar posting on 29/03/2023. You can register here to receive them directly by email.

Product Radar Header - ErgoSlider Plus



ErgoSlider Plus is designed for enhanced comfort and precision. Its patented sliding technology allows for natural hand movement, reducing strain and fatigue in the wrist and arm. Operated by using fingertips and thumbs rather than the whole arm makes Ergoslider Plus ideal for precision tasks such as CAD and design work. Suitable for right- and left-handed users. Mac and Windows compatible. It is also at least £100 cheaper than comparable products. 


Features & Benefits 

  • Central design eliminates the reaching associated with standard mice, reducing the incidence of pain/discomfort
  • Choice of roller bar and/or buttons for clicking and scrolling to meet individual preferences
  • Fixed pointer speed (800dpi) which is ideal for precise accurate movements
  • Removable roller bar and wrist pad for easy cleaning
  • Quick access buttons with Copy/Paste feature for increased efficiency

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