Product Radar – Hotbox Flow

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Product Radar Header - Hotbox Flow


hotbox_flow_front_1633521814Neat on the outside, expansive on the inside, Hotbox Flow is designed to keep belongings safe and easily accessible. Perfect for users ‘on the go’ it can be moved easily to and from any workspace, anywhere. Hotbox Flow will stand upright on your desk and a unique front pocket makes sure you can easily get to everything at any time. The comfortable shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort and is adjustable to customise the fit.



Features & Benefits 

  • Unique stand-up design with fold down front section for easy access to items on any desk
  • Manufactured from sustainable/recycled material for excellent sustainability credentials
  • Multiple internal pockets to optimise storage and item organisation 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for a customisable fit
  • Water-resistant exterior to protect belongings from the elements

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