December 12, 2011

Since we started working with Work Screen, I have become increasingly interested in the psycho-social factors surrounding the many musculoskeletal issues we address each year.  I’m not any sort of expert (I’m no more than a beginner) but I have researched the topic, attended resilience training and had many discussions with experienced professionals so I’m coming to understand more of the “bigger picture”.

What certainly seems to be the case is that, where we assist individuals with apparent musculoskeletal problems (bad backs, upper limb disorders, etc.), it is apparent that issues beyond the purely physical are becoming increasingly relevant.  At the moment, these observations are entirely anecdotal but conversations with physiotherapists, GPs and others suggest my observations are well-founded.

So how does an employer address the biopsychosocial (BPS) needs of their personnel?  Many of the people we deal with are working longer hours with fewer resources than a few years ago.  Most organisations in both the public and private sector are still cutting back or, at the very least, maintaining strict controls over costs.  As I have explored elsewhere, reduced absenteeism statistics may be concealing increased presenteeism.

Wellness or wellbeing programmes are becoming more widespread and, it seems to me, there is a clear need to provide personnel with more information and guidance to increase their resilience.  I don’t pretend to have answers – just questions!  I welcome feedback from anyone who can tell me more about this topic.  I think its relevance will continue to grow over the next few years.


December 12, 2011

I have been travelling quite a lot in the last month or so: even more than usual. TripTracker has been an absolute boon. If you are flying with different airlines and using properties from one or more hotel groups, it aggregates the whole lot into one reliable chronological agenda. It can even include car hire information. Simply enter your frequent flyer or loyalty account details for all providers and its agenda will pull all your travel information from their databases.  It updates flight information like gate numbers and anticipated delays in real time, often sooner than they appear on airport displays. It even notifies you when your loyalty points have been updated and shows your current balances. Brilliant!

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