June 10, 2015

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Following a successful preview at the Health & Wellbeing exhibition in March, we are delighted to confirm that this product is now available from stock. The first few trial samples are already installed and initial feedback has been even better than we expected. At first glance, Workfit-T may look similar to some existing products but it offers significant design and function benefits. See our video and find out more here or contact the Customer Service team to discuss a trial.


tsunamiIt’s coming! It’s enormous! It’s unstoppable and it’s potentially disastrous! The perfect storm of omnipresent technology and millennials entering the workplace raises new issues and creates unprecedented demands. Our Lunch & Learn series in conjunction with Orangebox addresses the issues and explores interventions and actions to manage them. Please follow these links to download details and book your place at London or Bristol.



If you’re less of a geek than me (and you probably are!), you may not know that new web address suffixes have been made available recently. ‘.events’ is one of these, so we have set up to take you directly to our Eventbrite list of webinars and seminars. If you’re unable to attend one of our Ergonomics Tsunami Lunch & Learns above, you can also find our alternative webinar dates on this page.


tabletriserI promised to let you know as soon as this excellent product is available from stock – and now it is. You can find our TabletRiser product video here and read more about the official European launch here. Many people now use their tablet as a laptop replacement and, in these circumstances, TabletRiser is the unique product to provide a best (possible) practice working environment.


stretchMany health, safety and ergonomics practitioners and consultants use our Voucher Code system to refer clients/patients. Our co-branded Posture Guidance sheets have been available for several years but our Stretching Exercises can now be offered in the same format. Click here to find out more about our Voucher Code system or contact us about the new sheets if you are a professional already using the system.

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