Product Radar – The Kickster

October 21, 2020

The Kickster


Viasit-Kickster-VAPresenting the newest addition to our seating range, The Kickster. It’s more than just a sleek swivel chair for your workspace: it offers support and flexibility. The Kickster is devised to maximise comfort and encourage movement throughout your workday while adapting to your needs.

Features & Benefits 

• Sleek black design with a mesh back for ventilated comfort
• Adjustable armrests, both in height and width to fit you comfortably
• Adjustable seat depth, lumbar support and tension control to optimise your posture
• Armrests come with PU pads for extra comfort and support
• Free-flow recline mechanism that is lockable in 3 positions to assist with movement

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Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin October 2020

October 14, 2020

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 14/10/2020. You can register here to receive them monthly.



As the HSE announces a Zoom support facility for homeworkers, it is clear that prolonged work periods with inadequate equipment provision are starting to take their toll. Over the last several months, we have seen employers adopting all sorts of approaches to the ergonomics needs of their homeworkers but comparatively few are really getting to grips with the growing numbers of back, shoulder and neck issues. This has not been helped by inconsistent government policy about returning to the office or working from home. [more]



I am speaking at the latest Workplace Trends virtual conference on October 15th. By the time you read this, it may well be too late to attend but you will be able to find out more on the WT web site or Vimeo channel. This is the first time I have been involved as a presenter, but I have attended a number of events and they provide real insight into changes and developments in the workplace.

It is an honour to be part of another very impressive panel of speakers. Obviously, ‘Success in Uncertain Times’, this month’s event, is an especially pressing topic and the experts will be looking at the changing role of the workplace and corporate responses to current demands.



We have not offered this webinar for a while because we have been busy running online versions of our in-house training sessions with our corporate clients. This 45 minute session is our most popular topic and looks at ways to improve posture and comfort in the home by simple setup adjustments, whether using an office chair or domestic furniture.

Find out more about the webinar and register here or contact our Training Manager for more information about corporate delivery.



It is very clear to us that not everybody wants home furniture that looks like it was stolen from the office! Equally important, many people do not have space at home for the sort of desk they use at work. We have, therefore, been beavering away quietly at a new web site, specifically targeting homeworkers and their needs. Whilst good employers provide suitable equipment for their homeworkers, not everyone gets everything they need and not everyone wants what is offered!

The new site aims to fill those gaps. It is very different from, offering VAT-inclusive pricing, more focus on aesthetics and a consumer, rather than commercial, experience.


new_productsFrequent readers will know that new products appear in this eBulletin from time to time but are not a regular feature. I have taken care over the years to ensure that this medium contains useful information and is not just an email brochure once a month. However, various clients have suggested that a dedicated New Product email would be useful and the current pace of change in the workplace corroborates that.

As you may have seen in recent newsletters, we have launched the separate Product Radar email for those who want to ensure that the latest and best is ‘on their radar’. Of particular value to DSE assessors, Occupational Health and Health & Safety personnel, the registration and archive link page is here.

Product Radar – Se:fit perch stool

October 8, 2020

Se_Fit Perch Stool



SeFit 5This recent addition is suitable for a home or office work environment. This product offers flexible working and it encourages movement to help stimulate the body and mind. It facilitates agile sitting and leaning whether it is at a standing desk, table, or kitchen worktop. The Se:Fit Perch Stool reinforces the importance of moving and adjusting your posture throughout the work day.

Features & Benefits 

• Convex disc foot and variable height actively promote healthy movement and posture changes
• Height adjustment from 530 to 800 mm to suit your worktop height
• Compact and easy to carry for flexibility and mobility
• Available in two stylish colours
• Graspable edge makes it easy to carry in one hand
• Concave seat and sloping front edge assists in lasting comfort and secure support

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Product Radar – The Secretair Home

September 30, 2020

Secretair home


Secretair Home 10This new product is perfect for any homeworker and their home office. Its sleek design with clear lines and organic shape helps it stand out due to its light, uncluttered appearance. Thanks to its compact dimensions it will even fit into the smallest of spaces. For extra workspace, a shelf has been integrated into the frame.

Features & Benefits 

• Modern design to fit in with your workspace
• Customisation- choice of oak melamine top and black frame or white melamine top and white frame
• Shelf for documents and utensils to help with organisation and clutter
• Comes partly assembled for a quick setup
• Lightweight so it’s easy to move

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Product Radar – Secretair

September 10, 2020



Secretair Rebecca 7Welcome to our newest addition to our Homeworker desk range, The Secretair! This desk will work both at home and in the office due to its versatile and mobile aspects. Its unique design adapts and re-arranges to help concentration and any requirements you need. The Secretair offers customisation to fit your working space and environment. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Two smooth-running castors for easy mobility
  • Contains a shelf and draw for easy storage and minimise clutter
  • Modern design for a feel at home environment
  • Design ensures privacy
  • Extras include a luminaire to help with concentration and attachable multiple socket strip for other accessories or equipment
  • The shelf can also serve as a magnetic board
  • Sustainable aspects: solvent-free powder coating and easily recycled materials are used to make the Secretair

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Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin September 2020

September 9, 2020

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 09/09/2020. You can register here to receive them monthly.



Before suggesting ways to address the needs of individual workers in the future, it will help to define the context of how I see the current situation. It is superfluous to point out that COVID-19 took everyone by surprise and even employers with comprehensive Business Continuity Plans were overwhelmed by the scale and precipitousness of events … Click here to read my holistic approach to the challenges of future personnel engagement and productivity.



As employers start to bring people back into the office, we are excited about this very different approach to protective screens for workplace receptions, canteens and open spaces. No more acrylic, no more bulky obstructions or blocked sightlines: now you can encourage social distancing whilst offering an attractive, maintenance-free, biophilic addition to your work environment with our hand crafted arrangements. They are easily positioned, readily relocated and made from 100% recyclable materials.

Furthermore, we can offer bespoke designs, branding and display content to reflect your corporate brand or culture. View more here or contact us for further information.



If you need to be aware of all the latest and best products in the world of workplace ergonomics, you should be receiving our new Product Radar emails. Make sure they are on your radar by simply subscribing to the service here. Each time we add a new product to our own portfolio, we shall be sending out a one page summary with links to further information, thereby offering you instant awareness of the goods we rate. We shall also be saving each email to create an archive which you can access at any time.

To get things going, we have added a couple of not-so-new items and fresh product information is ready to go out over coming days and weeks. You can check out the archive, see what to expect and find out what you have missed here. There’s no time to waste!



LinkedIn and social media are now full of stories about growing musculoskeletal issues amongst homeworkers and the need to address the assessment process. We are seeing this with our own clients too and I mentioned it in last month’s eBulletin. Obviously, we are here to help with a range of service options to reinforce or extend your own resources but remember that we also have a tool that can help you prioritise needs in a measurable way.

RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) is a validated online tool that is completely free to use. It is based on the work of Professor Nigel Corlett and Dr Lynn McAtamney published nearly 40 years ago – so it is fair to say it is tried and tested! Help yourself – it’s here!

Product Radar – Vistarex

September 8, 2020

LED desk lamp


VistarexWelcoming the Vistarex LED Desk Lamp. This product would light up any workstation, whether it is at home or in the office. With different light settings and an adjustable head and arm, this product can be adapted to both you and your environment. As well as many features, this lamp has a low consumption of energy and doesn’t contain any toxic metals. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Flicker-free 15w LED lamp
  • 5-step dimming adjustment to suit your environment
  • 3-step switch for colour temperatures: warm white, bright white and powerful daylight
  • Eye-protective soft light – non-glare light filter
  • USB port for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices saves from hunching under desk for computer ports or for sockets down on wall
  • Lamp head adjustable to direct light away from and towards user

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Product Radar – Bento

September 7, 2020

Addit bento toolbox


Addit Bento Ergonomic Toolbox2 CatalogueThis product is an excellent tool for organisations to use for either the office or at home. The Addit Bento Ergonomic Toolbox is versatile as it can convert into an adjustable tablet stand, notebook stand and much more. This Toolbox offers ergonomics and practical benefits for any type of workstation.

Features & Benefits 

  • Can be used as a laptop stand, tablet stand or in-line document holder
  • Tiltable cover has 4 height settings to help suit your needs
  • Height adjustable from 134 – 240 mm 
  • Comes with magnetic snap-on support ledge to assist in security 
  • Stores your office utensils, documents (A4) and devices (up to 12”) to aid your personal organisation
  • Shaped inlay made of silicone rubber to protect contents

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Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin August 2020

August 12, 2020

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 12/08/2020. You can register here to receive them monthly.



We are now beginning to see a rise in musculoskeletal issues amongst home workers because many organisations have failed to take consistent action since the beginning of lockdown. Whilst some have been quick to update their existing processes to accommodate the dramatic rise in personnel working at home, many employers have been slow to address the need for an assessment and training process. Providing chairs, laptop stands and/or spare monitors is only part of the solution and, even with a new chair, health issues can arise because individuals have not had proper setup guidance or understood the sort of postures they are trying to achieve (and avoid!). We are now offering both virtual and traditional face-to-face services and we have also extended and adapted our posture training tools to meet the needs of home workers.


home worker logisticsGrowing numbers of organisations now have a plan in place for the call-off provision of approved home worker chairs and other products. We continue to expand our portfolio of rapid delivery products and have learned one really important fact: when it comes to delivering individual chairs in large numbers, it’s all about the logistics!

Some of our clients are realising that their established Agile Working programme offered home working by default, rather than by design, and their mainstream office furniture supplier does not fully understand the needs of consistent home deliveries and support. We have been supplying home workers, their equipment, installations and training for over a decade and our hybrid mix of own transport and logistics partners ensures consistent and punctual delivery. Let us know if you need help meeting home worker needs.


current and futureOur recent two-part series of webinars covers the 3 Phases we see employers going through since the pandemic began as well as how we think they need to respond in the future (Phase 4). Depending on your preferred consumption mode, you can now see the content either in our recent blogs or on-demand webinars.

The need to respond quickly continues to be a key issue but employers must be taking a multi-disciplinary, holistic view when creating their forward strategy. Maintaining culture will be a key issue for generating innovation and growth in a difficult commercial climate. Enterprises that sustain and support the essential interactions between workers, wherever they are, will rise to the challenge. We can help with that too!


product newsletterThis eBulletin has provided a general overview and broad mix of news for over ten years. We now plan to introduce an additional email bulletin service that will only be product news. The intention is to provide a complete overview with images, description, specification, dimensions, sustainability criteria and literature downloads all in one place.

There will be one newsletter per product and, unlike this eBulletin, which arrives at the same time on the same day each month, the new service will be delivered as and when we have a new product to tell you about. We expect this to be particularly useful to assessors but there will be many others who will find it useful. To register for this free service, please provide your details here.


secretair homeWe have always known that not everyone wants a home-office that looks like the office-office! In response to this, we have been seeking out a table selection that is not only more domestic in appearance but also more compact than the sort of desk we have sold in the past. This is a slow process because, whilst some of our UK suppliers are responding to the new requirements, we are also having to look outside the office furniture industry, find products, talk to new suppliers, set up accounts and resolve logistics.

We have now added a compact oak-legged table (1100m wide x 700mm deep) and a Secretair desk (824mm wide x 612mm deep) with delivery times of less than 7 days and 2 weeks respectively. More designs are on the way.


workfit-z-drawI am delighted to announce that our latest winner of an Ergotron Workfit-Z is Phil Nartey of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. He will have received it by the time you read this.

Many thanks to all those who took part in the draw and a warm welcome especially to those who are reading this eBulletin for the first time because of your entry. I hope you find it worthwhile!

Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin July 2020

July 8, 2020

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 08/07/2020. You can register here to receive them monthly.


In last month’s eBulletin, I outlined the Three Phases of Workplace Accommodation being addressed by employers seeking stability during and after the COVID19 pandemic. This month, I look to the future to consider the issues all employers need to address. I also look at ways to accommodate the very different needs of a dispersed workforce. Of course, there will be some organisations who bring everyone back into their original workplace but we expect this to be a small proportion. Most businesses have been pleasantly surprised by the ease with which home working has been adopted and behaviours adapted. [more]


Homeworker chairs & accessories

Our rapid-delivery portfolio continues to grow. We can now deliver an Orangebox Do chair to you within 3 working days. This includes a choice of black or white frame, 9 different seat fabric colours and, if you want them, a laptop kit and/or sit-stand adaptor. A wide selection of other chairs and accessories are also available with 7-14 day lead times.

From a corporate perspective, we have now agreed ‘standard home worker’ chairs with a number of clients and we are positioned to meet your volume requirements. We know that large employers spend less on chairs for home so we have optimised the price/specification ratio at a variety of price points to meet all needs.



Our installation service is now gaining momentum and we have fulfilled a large number of successful home and workplace appointments whilst maintaining social distancing and following government guidelines. We have also tested our processes for workplace and home assessments and created a protocol that is safe for both the assessor and assessee.

Not everyone wants us in their home at the moment but, for those who are happy for us to proceed, we are now working through the backlog of assessment orders as fast as we can.



I shall be delivering a free webinar to expand on the thinking around Phase 4: the Future. This will be on Thursday August 6th at 15:00. I have deliberately scheduled this some weeks away so that I shall also be able to incorporate some of the insights gained from our first client discussions about this topic.

You can register here. After the live session, a recording of the webinar will be available through the same link



Following the success of last month’s Ergotron-sponsored giveaway, we have decided to offer a further Workfit-Z ourselves. If you have tried working at home standing at the ironing board, you will have thought many times ‘there must be a better way’ – and you would be right!

Workfit-Z is compact, easily moveable (less than 15 kg) and finished with a more domestic woodgrain look. Just complete the form here for a chance to win one. The winner will be announced in the August eBulletin. Our June winner was Kathy Nowell of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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