Osmond Ergonomics eBulletin May 2023

May 10, 2023

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It is entirely logical that Stress Awareness Month (April) is immediately followed by Mental Health Awareness Month (May) which contains, for those with a limited attention span, Mental Health Awareness Week (15th – 21st). This year’s theme is Anxiety. If you find yourself thinking that anxiety and stress are much the same thing, then perhaps you have never experienced either. Whilst the symptoms have a lot in common, their origin is completely different. For our long-standing supporters, the attention we are giving to these topics may, at first, seem surprising for a company that has been talking about physical ergonomics and musculoskeletal health for over 30 years. However, we have been talking about the connection between physical and mental health for over a decade – long before the Covid pandemic drew attention to mental health issues. Expect to see even more from us in the future!


robert_mansonLast month we introduced our first guest speaker to our free webinars and we are delighted with the response to the first of three interlinked sessions delivered for us by Robert Manson of Haldane Health. Starting with Personal Energy Management (now available on catch-up), we are progressing through Developing Personal Resilience and Managing Stress at Work in May and June. Robert’s wide experience in global organisations brings unique insights and a healthy pragmatism to his broadcasts.


stuart_entwistleAlongside our guest sessions, we are also extending the scope of our in-house webinars. As previously mentioned, our Training Manager, Stuart, is exploring more mental-health-related topics over coming weeks. His May session is Sleep and, in June, he will be talking about Biophilia. For insights and tips about how to optimise your personal benefits from these two topics, find out more and register here.



I also mentioned CDW last month, but a lot has been happening in the meantime. There are some important relocations; some international companies opening Clerkenwell showrooms for the first time and even companies I have never heard of announcing new premises. In addition, there are significant presentations and discussions between industry celebrities, influencers, international designers – and me! To hear me talk about The Value of an Overheard Conversation, come to the new Dynamobel showroom for 11:30 on Wednesday 24th May. To find out more about CDW and register, click here.


Unlimited,Access,All,Areas,No,Restrictions,Vip,MembershipDo you carry out workstation assessments? Do you use our online resources? Do you ever want to show them to clients during the assessment process? If so, you will be pleased to know that you no longer need to login to do so. During conversations at our recent, highly successful DSE Assessor Event in Bristol, it was suggested that the need to login or register is really inconvenient – so we have removed this feature! You can now access our entire website without logging in.


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