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August 13, 2014

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 13/08/2014. You can view older eBulletins here and register to receive them monthly.


With the aid of our long-standing partner, we see a growing demand for one-to-one software training in the workplace. Increasingly, products which were once considered ‘assistive technology’ are being recognised as tools to improve the performance of everyone, not just those with disabilities. As an obvious example, Dragon Naturally Speaking can significantly increase the productivity of anyone (with proper training!). Other software products can be particularly useful for older members of the workforce. For details of our full training portfolio or to talk about products and applications, please contact us.


We are running two half-day seminars in Scotland in September. Hugo Bos, ergonomist at Bakker Elkhuizen in the Netherlands, is flying in to speak about Smart Working alongside two further presentations. Each session will include plenty of ‘hands-on’ time with the latest products. The Edinburgh event is now closed but we still have space at the Bauhaus Hotel in Aberdeen on Thursday September 11th. You can download the brochure here and register (for free) here.


Our London session was very popular and the presentations prompted animated discussion amongst the delegates (who brought a broad range of qualifications and experience). The final date of the series is in Bristol on Wednesday September 17th and there are still places available. Download the brochure here for this whole-day event and book your free place here.


This is now a daily conversation topic and it is interesting to see how different employers are approaching it. If you are thinking about how to address the issue, we offer a broad portfolio of desks and adaptors to accommodate every scenario from individuals to whole office roll-outs. More importantly, we can provide guidance about planning, implementation and training. To find out more, it is easy to attend one of our free webinars or request a visit.


We shall be back at this year’s conference at Hinckley on September 29th  and look forward to more conversations about Back-Track and other products and services. Whether you are a new delegate or a regular attendee, take the opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in the world of workplace ergonomics. We always have an anecdote or two to share!

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