How Much Should I Stand at Work

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This is a question we are asked frequently. The debate about sitting and standing continues to rage and, thanks to the wonder that is the ‘interweb’, the volume of information – impartial research, marketing blurb pretending to be research, informed opinion, ill-informed opinion and downright nonsense – continues to grow and intertwine. Prompted by recent conversations with a number of professional colleagues and friends, I have been reading ‘Sitting Kills, Moving Heals’ by Dr Joan Vernikos, former NASA Director of Life Sciences. [more]


HealthAtWork2016As I finalise this eBulletin, we have just finished the first of two days at the NEC. Inevitably, there is plenty of interest in the sit-stand debate but the widespread use of smartphones and tablets is also raising concerns, with increasing evidence of musculo-skeletal issues. Our newly-published Handheld Devices Posture Guide has been well-received. Many delegates were also surprised to learn that our recent survey showed that three-quarters of those doing work on tablets are using their own device, not one issued by their employer.



You probably know us for our specialist seating skills. For over twenty years, we have provided a portfolio of products and services to address musculo-skeletal symptoms in the workplace. You may not be so aware of our broad range of seating products for every type of workplace application including home workers, reception, canteen, training, breakout, laboratory and industrial. Ergonomics may be less critical in some of these situations but we apply a similar approach to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs. For a better idea of the size and scope of our portfolio, visit our landing page at, download our general seating brochure here or contact us to arrange a London showroom tour.


unusual_trainingYou may know that we have company training days every two months. As well as keeping everyone fully conversant with the latest products and industry trends, it also gives us an opportunity to cover broader background topics. The Logistics Department has been exceptionally busy recently so we thought some extra driver training would be well received in February. Our picture shows the Ferrari California and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder that each member of the team drove for an hour. For some reason, they preferred this to reviewing the DSE Regulations!


erica_babyMany of you have spoken to Erica Hobson in the Customer Service team or communicated with her by email about quotations and tenders. She is currently on maternity leave and Aiden Charles Edward was born on February 8th, weighing 8lbs 9ozs. Erica and her partner, Marc, tell us that all is going well, not least because Aiden mainly eats and sleeps at the moment!

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