WDM Newsletter May/June 2016

This article was originally emailed as our monthly Workplace Design & Management newsletter at 11:00 on 19/05/2016. You can view older newsletters here and register to receive them monthly.



The scale and range of CDW displays and activities expands annually. This year, for the first time, I shall be attending for all three days (contact me if you want to meet up!). With so much to do and see, it is important to use time wisely so I am already planning how to make the most of the event. If you are attending, especially for the first time or only for one day, I hope you may find my action plan useful:

  • Visit the web site and research thoroughly before setting off.
  • Decide which showrooms/displays are ‘must see’ and work out a viable route between them.
  • Aim to attend timed events that are clustered geographically to avoid wasting time criss-crossing the area. Start with the ones that only occur once and then try to fit repeated sessions around them.
  • Remember that it can take 20 minutes to walk from one side of Clerkenwell to the other – and that assumes you don’t bump into someone you know on the way!


okamura contessaDespite being one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world (2015 turnover > £1.2bn), Okamura products are a comparatively well-kept secret in the UK. With models to compete head-on with iconic office chairs in terms of style, quality and ergonomics, we are delighted to include them in our portfolio. From the Zephyr Light to their provenContessa flagship product (illustrated), Okamura chairs incorporate unique styling and functional elements such as the fully height-adjustable armrests with built-in seat height and recline-lock buttons. For quality, elegance and functionality, Okamura is a brand you may never have considered. Now is the time to put that right! Contact us for more information.



In the limited space available, we have decided to focus on sit-stand designs at this year’s event. As always, we shall be showing a mix of proven and brand-new products. With nearly 20 years’ experience of sit-stand furniture, our three approaches will include desk, adaptor and touchdown table variants, as well as perching stools. All are instantly adjustable and supported by our full installation, setup and training service. Come to Stand M1305 (by Entrance 2) to learn how not to waste your money on sit-stand desks!


agile_not_workingAgile Working is a ‘hot topic’ at the moment and we hear many stories about how brilliantly employers have implemented an Agile Working Programme (AWP). Such accounts demonstrate how that success has positively impacted productivity, personnel satisfaction, wellbeing and engagement. We hear rather fewer stories about what happens when it fails but I fear that proper investigation would show that the failures outnumber the successes. [more].

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