Product Radar – Xenium Basic Hugger Back

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Xenium Basic Hugger Back




Grahl-Xenium-Hugger-1The Xenium Hugger Back chair utilises the highly regarded DuoBack® back rest which reduces direct pressure on the spine by up to 50%. Each back pad is individually mounted on a flexible yet robust bracket which enables them to flex and move with the user, to ensure their back is fully supported throughout the day. The back rest height can be adjusted independently and, when it is raised in height, travels backwards to help accommodate taller users.

Featuring a contoured seat cushion, choice of armrests, seat depth adjustment plus a range of extra optional add-ons, this chair can be configured for a wide range of users and needs.

Features & Benefits 

  • Seat Height & Depth Adjustment 
  • Independently Height Adjustable Back Rest 
  • Multi-Lock Synchronous Action with Weight Tension Adjustment 
  • Two symmetrical backrest pads to reduce pressure on the spine by up to 50%
  • Choice of armrests
  • Seat Tilt and Advanced Knee Tilt are available as options

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