Product Radar – Filex Galaxy Monitor Arm

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Product Radar Header - Filex Galaxy


premium-office-dual-modular-premium-office-dual-modular-1619790032 (2)The Filex Galaxy Modular Dual is designed for use with two monitors. It is part of a multi-purpose family of arms that can be extended and configured for up to 6 or 8 monitors if required. All variants allow independent adjustment of each screen including height, depth and viewing angle to ensure correct workstation set-up. A desk clamp and integral cable management are included to ensure a neat workspace. The contemporary, modular design enables adaptation for use with various configurations, such as single or double monitor, monitor plus laptop (additional laptop plate required). Changes can be made retrospectively if required. The Filex Galaxy Modular Dual is made from sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.


Features & Benefits 

  • Three pivot points on the arm, combined with the VESA mount, allow the screen to tilt, rotate and turn.
  • Desk clamp and built-in cable management are included.
  • The integrated rotation stop ensures a desk can be placed against a wall or other desk (back-to-back) without the arms snagging.
  • The modular system provides the opportunity to extend and adapt the configuration easily for more than 2 monitors.

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