WDM Newsletter – December 2018

This article was originally emailed as our monthly Workplace Design & Management newsletter at 11:00 on 21/12/2017. You can view older newsletters here and register to receive them monthly.

Take time to appreciate your colleagues, friends & family

WDMheader2017-12As we complete two years of WDM newsletters (and 55 years in business), it is time to thank you once again for your continued support and wish you a fabulous Christmas and exciting New Year. The last quarter of 2017 has been our busiest ever, even with the inevitable December slowdown. Life is hectic on all fronts and it is gratifying to see how willingly organisations are investing in workplaces, despite the Brexit instability, resultant weakness of Sterling and general sense of uncertainty on so many fronts. Of course, whether business is easy or tough, looking after your talent continues to be the most important consideration and we are delighted to assist.

New article in FMUK

fmukThe New Year edition of FMUK magazine highlights ergonomics in both the workplace and the education sector in their ‘Get Moving at Work’ feature. This includes content about the importance of movement to avoid prolonged sitting (see my observations last month). Inevitably, Sit-Stand is part of this conversation so, to coincide with our new A4 advertisement artwork, we have created a new brochure that clearly states our position in the muddled world of sit-stand sound bites! You can download the pdf here.

New topics, new thinking, new processes

year_aheadIt is a truism that the workplace is changing faster than ever before. Our two most popular presentation topics in 2017 were about Millennials and Sit-Stand. The latter is really very old news to us, since we have been selling sit-stand desks for nearly twenty years. However, the confusion and misinformation continues. Worrying about Millennial management is soon to be replaced by Centennials issues. Centennial (Generation Z) employees now entering the workforce were toddlers when social media, iPhones and tablets first appeared. Like Millennials (and everyone else!), they are all individuals so there are no simple rules, but they introduce new opportunities to review our thinking and communications.
We are also racing into a world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart buildings and self-driving cars. These changing circumstances challenge the way we think and work and I shall be exploring these topics in the year ahead. We shall also be introducing an evolution of our brand to reflect our role in these transformations.

Price Changes & Resubscription

timelyAs you have probably seen elsewhere, manufacturers’ 2018 price lists are showing a significant uplift, with 5% rises commonplace. After years of small or zero increases, they can no longer absorb the currency issues and rising costs. If you have a project in planning, we probably already know about this and will do everything possible to soften the blow.
I’m also taking this opportunity to mention, just once more, that we shall be closing this database early in 2018. If you wish to continue to receive this monthly newsletter, you will need to resubscribe here.

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