Product Radar – Desire2 Supreme Sit-Stand Laptop Stand

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Product Radar Header - Desire2 Supreme



The Desire2 Supreme Sit-Stand Laptop Stand allows you to take standing breaks from sitting at your computer all day. Laptop height can be adjusted easily, by up to 50cm, for short standing breaks which enhances healthy posture. Precision engineered from refined aluminium, the laptop stand offers sturdy support for all laptops 10” to 17.3” (up to 6kg). 

Please note that, as separate keyboard and mouse are not used when standing, the times in Hedge’s 3S’s Ideal Work Pattern are advised.


Features & Benefits 

  • Quick release mechanism for easy switching between sitting and standing positions.
  • Adjustable height settings enables the screen to be raised for a comfortable viewing level which improves posture.
  • Adjustable angle helps to promote healthy posture and reduce eye and neck strain.
  • Non-slip rubber feet provides stability for the laptop.
  • Increases air circulation to keep your laptop cooler.

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